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The following are true reports from people who used the Phoenix Holistic Wellbeing Program.
I’m Pregnant !!!!!
My health has generally been good, however 2 years ago I was diagnosed with endometriosis and told I would not conceive. Doctors began with a 9 month course of birth control to be followed by Danocryn, which I refused. Symptoms worsened so I turned to holistic treatments with herbs and magnets. Shortly after that I was introduced to the “Clean-Me-Out” Program by Charles B. I completed it last March with great success. My whole life changed for the better. Since then I have continued to cleanse and eat raw foods. The great news is that yesterday I found out I’m pregnant! I have had no morning sickness. I truly believe I got pregnant because I cleaned out a lot of old toxins that were preventing me from carrying a baby in a safe environment. I feel so blessed to have done the cleanse. I feel it’s the greatest gift I have ever given myself. I have a health and beauty aids business (for 7 years now) with approximately 600 “regular” female clients. I want to promote the cleanse to all of them. My closest friends are already convinced of the benefits and 6 of them are ready to begin the program...
As far as benefits of the cleanse, to name a few.. .1 have more energy than I know what to do with. I wake up clear headed, don’t need coffee, I do skin brushing instead. I’m not sleepy after meals. I feel light and energized. I watch very little T.V. because I can’t sit still that long. Our grocery bill is less than half of what it was before. I’m making everything fresh sol don’t concern myself about preservatives. I feel satisfied at each meal because I’m a conscious eater now.

I don’t snack because I don’t have cravings. I feel healthier because my food is moving through me at a faster pace. And I feel younger, which is terrific!

Christine D., Spring Valley, California.
Immune System Restored
I am now 23 years old and for the past eight years I have suffered from a total immune system breakdown, beginning with ulcerate colitis, and heightening to relapsing poly-choncritis, which is the immune system attacking and eating away cartilage in the body.
Other symptomatic problems I experienced; severe body itching, terrible facial acne, liver and digestion dysfunction, hair loss, low energy level... All “western” medical philosophies dictated I would have to endure this my entire life. I refused to accept that.
The past eight years of mental battles, vegetarianism, acupuncture, and soul searching have resulted in about 80% recovery. Recently, Marie M., an Arise & Shine Distributor, gave me a copy of Cleanse And Purify Thyself. After reading it, I realized why all of my health problems occurred in the first place.

Years of McDonald’s, Jack in the Box, and other poisonous foods of that sort, along with continual year round doses of antibiotics had devitalized my digestion, assimilation and evacuation; thus decimating my body. I immediately started on a cleanse; a two week pre-cleanse followed by a one week fast. During the pre-cleanse, all my colitis symptoms (constant bloody diarrhea evacuation) which had been gone for so long, returned: Healing crisis. During the first three days of the fast, I felt very sluggish and nauseated.

On the fourth day my energy level shot up to the level it was as a child; my nose started growing back where the cartilage had been lost; and my itching stopped. Performing two colemas a day during the fast, I evacuated at least 15 feet of black ropy impacted fecal matter, shaped like the colon and intestines.
For the past three years, I have itched myself, especially my legs, bloody almost every single night! Since my cleanse, I have not itched one single time!
My energy is increasing everyday and I love it... I now see that no matter how much you take care of yourself, you cannot achieve total health unless your body is clean and pure.
Chad M., Santa Monica, California.
Recovered From The Deadly Affects of Medical Radiation
One health practitioner said that one of her clients, “...who had bladder cancer three or so years ago and they over radiated her and she had no control over her bowels.
They said it’d be that way for the rest of her life. After one week on the Cleanse her bowels are moving on their own in the morning and no uncontrollable diarrhea.”
Catherine, Tucson.
Bone Cancer Pain Reduced
A man in terrible pain from bone cancer came to me. After his first Cleanse he reported, “Rich, at least 75% of the pain just disappeared.”
Critically High Blood Pressure Back To Normal
One lady in California told me after she did the Cleanse, “I had very dangerous high blood pressure for over a year. Nothing the doctors did ever helped my condition, but on the sixth day of the “Clean-Me-Out Program, I went back to the doctor for a check up. He was shocked to discover my blood pressure was normal.”
What Goes In Doesn’t Always Come Out
A lady in Idaho reported that ever since she could remember she had a hard lump in her abdomen. About half way through the Cleanse she had a very strange sensation just below her stomach. She drove home as fast as she could and soon passed a hard piece of material about 6 or 7 inches long and about two inches thick. She cleaned it off and when her husband looked at it, he hit it on the toilet and it sounded almost like metal. Then he hit it hard and broke it. Inside were multi-colors.
When she saw that she instantly knew that it was from all the color crayons that she had eaten when she was about five years old. From then on the hard lump was gone. She was so impressed with the Cleanse that she had perhaps 50 or more people that she knew take the Cleanse.
Cancer Pain Gone - Plus Happy Side Benefits
T. Miles from San Francisco had Lymphoma cancer under his right arm. Talk of pain! After the Clean-Me-Out Program, the pain was completely gone.
And a Cripple Lady Walks Normally Again
“For the last seven years, I have been dealing with a steadily increasing amount of pain in my right hip. For the last six months, the pain had become so great that I was using a cane regularly outside of the house. X-Rays showed that the cartilage had worn off the head of the femur. An infection had also developed. The nerves at the head of the femur were telling my brain to immobilize the right leg. In spite of many different types of therapy to reverse the steady downward spiral, nothing seemed to turn the gradual decline around.
The different therapies I tried included.. .chiropractic treatments, therapeutic massage, nutrition, exercise... homeopathy, yoga, as well as colon cleansing using Dr. Jensen’s program... Approximately ten weeks ago, I started using the herbal products from Arise & Shine in preparation for a one week colon Cleanse. I took Herbal Nutrition and Chomper six weeks before beginning the Cleanse. For the colon Cleanse, I did everything suggested in the book, “Cleanse & Purify Thyself” On the second day of the Cleanse, approximately 50% of the pain left my body and I stopped using the cane at that time.
On the third day of the Cleanse, I did a little yoga with my yoga students for the first time in over a year. They were watching me with their mouths open because their most recent experience of me was seeing a person move with great agony and pain.
Marie M.
Children Benefit Too
A mother wrote, “My six year old, after weeks of the old Pre-Cleanse and mostly raw foods, passed a six inch chunk of old, blackish-brown, dried mucoid matter with striations...
On the very first day of the new Pre-Cleanse. Proof that, ‘Yup! he did need it too.’ We’re both more excited now that we’re seeing results. We’ll be back in touch post-cleanse... Glad you’re there. Thanks”
A Lady From Canada Wrote
“I tried it. On the second day I could not believe how good I felt and the stuff that came out of me looked like the gunk when an alien starts disintegrating.”
Mrs. D. Urgwhart,”
Serious Headaches Vanish
“I have had the most excruciating headaches anyone would ever have for many years now. Do you think that you can help me?” I could see that her elimination systems were far from normal and her body was accumulating toxic debris. Soon she was on the Pre-Cleanse and after 10 days went on the full Cleanse. She began to lose some unnecessary weight and before the Cleanse was over she told me the headaches were, for the first time in years, completely gone.
She became vibrant and outgoing and started to enjoy life ma way that had been impossible up to that time.
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