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Fresh Face, whenever you need a face lift.
Want to uncover your real face? A variety of treatments to suit various skin types are available.
Niran, Skin Touch Facial
This treatment comprises a detailed cleansing and exfoliating process to improve skin tone and fresh look. This prescriptive treatment addresses various skin conditions.
30-45 Minutes
Ref. BG301
Sukhon, Spa Facial
A carefully selected all skin suitable facial method helps the face look extremely fresh removing all symptoms of tiredness and stress from the face. A soothing massage would give extended and refreshed look.
60 Minutes
Ref. BG302
Kasem, Hydrating Facial
Dry and dehydrated skin experiences tightness, peeling, fine wrinkles and itching. This soothing and moisturizing facial is specially formulated to prevent dehydration of the skin. Components of this treatment were meticulously designed to protect, hydrate, providing nourishment and comfort to dry, sun damaged skin.
60 Minutes
Ref. BG303
Araja, Purifying Facial
Oily and problem skin, brought about by factors associated with improper diet or hormonal conditions make you feel uncomfortable. A unique combination of aquatic minerals deep cleanses blocked pores eliminating toxins and prevent dirt and oil build up. This purifying treatment helps stabilize oil secretions providing a refreshed and rejuvenated appearance.
60 Minutes
Ref. BG304
Lawan, Radiant Facial
This facial treatment will dramatically add a glow and shine to the face, giving a total face lift. Using a unique combination of cleansing cream and skin nourishing formula that deeply cleanses, tones, nourishes and hydrates the skin.
60 Minutes
Ref. BG305
BodyGlaze Acne Treatment
A specially developed acne cure pack absorbs grease and impurities from skin which reduces the pimples, black heads, white heads and other numerous problems related to acne. It purifies and conditions the skin.
40-60 Minutes
Ref. BG306
BodyGlaze Anti-ageing Treatment
Tired and dull looking skin brought about by stress and anxiety often results in the appearance of wrinkles on skin. This anti-aging and revitalizing facial comprises of delicately selected constituents intended to diminish the signs of premature aging through tightening your facial skin and reducing the fine lines restoring the softened and young radiant look of your skin.
60 Minutes
Ref. BG307
Eye Brow
Shaping of eyebrow to suit your face composition and style.
20 Minutes
Ref. BG351
Eye Lash
Tinting of eye lash to make the eyes sparkle and leave the impression that of young and shiny.
20 Minutes
Ref. BG352
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