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Immaculate Complexions, for a shining body.
For a body that you love so much need careful care and pampering. A host of body treatments gives you the shining body.
Fango Mud Wrap
Body Glow
An exclusive body and skin enhancing treatment which is used to isolate and remove the dead cells which makes the skin look dull. This complex exfoliation cleans and invigorate the body by 35 different types of minerals included in this dead sea salt mixture.
60 Minutes
Ref. BG401
Tone Refining
This treatment would be beneficial for the skins having scars, unusual tone buildup, stretch marks etc. A gentle body polish to exfoliate and cleanse the body followed by an application of nourishing full body mask works deep within. A concluding application of revitalizing body lotion will bring out the hidden shining in the body and the real feel of the softness of the skin.
60 Minutes
Ref. BG402
Body Polish
Indulge your body with pure honey, almonds and fresh buttermilk. A marvelous body cleanser based on an ancient beauty ritual is applied on the skin, helping to purify and slough off dead skin cells. Finally, a luxurious lavender cream is applied on the body leaving the skin touchable and silky smooth. An overall exfoliating treatment for removing dead skin cells for a shining body.
60 Minutes
Ref. BG403
Almond Oatmeal Scrub
A specially made scrub pack will exfoliate your skin sloughing off dead skin cells and rubbing away hard and flaky skin, leaving it feeling soft and smooth. Body scrub can moisturize and soothe your skin as it is being scrubbed. The scrub can be really invigorating as well and improve the circulation of blood and skin tone.
60 Minutes
Ref. BG404
Thermal Mud Pack
A luxurious and comprehensive treatment designed to heal, soothe, and rejuvenate tired muscles and revitalize skin. Warm, mineral rich mud is smoothed over your body followed by a cocoon of warm blanket, you will feel stress evaporated as you absorb the therapeutic benefits of the mud.
60 Minutes
Ref. BG405
Fango Body Pack
A signature body pack of fungo makes the entire body cleaning and conditioning the skin. It absorbes grease and impurities from skin and is a natural treatment for acne and oily skin. Apply collagen cream for completing this body reviver treatment.
60 Minutes
Ref. BG406
Seaweed Body Wrap
A balanced concentrate of the ocean's nutrients to nourish, tone, detoxify skin tissues and reduce bloat.
60 Minutes
Ref. BG407
Herbal Blend Wrap
A wrap made out of a mixture of herbals having unique properties of detoxification, exfoliation, and skin reconditioning.
60 Minutes
Ref. BG408
Removal of unwanted hair from whole body.

Worried about pain? Ask for pain-free hair removal.
30-120 Minutes
Ref. BG451
BodyGlaze Signature Body
A combination of light massage and body brightening treatment to make you feel special and look special. A top to bottom body massage using light strokes for invigorating the body followed by a salt therapy exfoliation will relax, unwind and revitalize tired and sore muscles. A concluding body lotion for suitable nourishment and revitalization makes you ready for a fresh round of your daily routine..
60 Minutes
Ref. BG409
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