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Therapeutic Movement Cure, feel physically best.
Every muscle in the body crave for care and satisfying them means better life. East or west, the best is offered.
Fem, Swedish Massage
This unique European massage uses long rhythmic strokes and light pressure. It relieves tension, improves blood circulation and promotes profound relaxation.
30 / 60 Minutes
Ref. BG501
Aromatherapy Massage
The purest essential oil and a unique system of massage that stimulates blood circulation and bring relief to the body through the senses of smell and touch.
30/60 Minutes
Ref. BG502
Shi Na, Oriental Massage
A Japanese healing art which literally means thumb pressure to ease muscle tension and improves blood circulation in the tense area of the body.
30/60 Minutes
Ref. BG503
Nuad, Traditional Thai Massage
This unique massage combines elements of yoga, shiatsu and acupressure, working with energy pathways of the body and the therapy point through to be located along this lines. It consists of an overall manipulation of the body positions and stretching.
30/60 Minutes
Ref. BG504
Tri-Wicha, Pain Relieve Herbal Kizzi
The herbally enriched traditional kizzi, when applied on the body with hot oil, will enhance the blood circulation, relieve / reduce the pain or tiredness of the muscles and the body. Works deep into your back, shoulder and tensed muscles and leave you in a sense of comfort. A few continuous sessions are recommended if the problem is acute.
30/60 Minutes
Ref. BG505
Isra, Jet Lag Recovery Massage
A therapeutic massage treatment for those who has just completed a long haul flight. The balancing treatment would simulate blood circulation, reduces swelling, eases muscle tension and provide for total relaxation of the body. An aromatherapy massage and an awakening head massage would reset the internal clock and make you ready for action in the new time zone.
30/60 Minutes
Ref. BG506
Gemini, Four Hands Massage
Two therapists using various technique of massage treatments combined Swedish massage, Balinese massage, Hawaiian massage and sport/deep tissue massage to create your own unique experience. The routine is for the most part done in synchronization and the experience can be modified to suit every individual.
30/60 Minutes
Ref. BG507
Kulya, Sports-Deep Tissue Massage
This special treatment start with body dry brushing to increase blood and lymphatic flow then followed by a restorative full body aroma massage that aids in releasing deeply held patterns of tension, relaxing, soothing and thereby encouraging muscles to operate at full capacity. The techniques used in this massage create a prolonged state of reduced muscular tension by applying deep muscle compression and friction.
30/60 Minutes
Ref. BG508
Sasak, Balinese Massage
A Balinese massage uses a combination of gentle stretches, acupressure and aromatherapy oil to simulate the flow of blood, oxygen and 'qi' (energy) around your body, and bring deep relaxation and wellness. This ancient technique, uses a variety of techniques including skin rolling, kneading and stroking, acupressure and reflexology. Essential oil will relax and soothe your body and mind.
30/60 Minutes
Ref. BG509
Lomi, Hawaiian Massage

Aloha! Hawaiians believe muscle tension and negative thinking can block energy flow and they use massage to improve it. The Lomi massage is beloved Hawaiian tradition that uses full body techniques, applied with rhythmic grace using thumbs, palms and elbows and works the muscles with continuous, flowing strokes encouraging the recipient to eases and loosens muscles to reduce tension, leavng the entire body feeling totally relaxed and refreshed.

30/60 Minutes
Ref. BG510
BodyGlaze Signature Massage

Balancing the senses and energy using a reviving technique that focuses on the key areas that normally affected by the tension due to heightened stress. The scalp, face, shoulders and body massage would fill you with renewed energy making your life lot more enjoyable. A sea salt body treatment would be an ideal combination.

60 Minutes
Ref. BG511
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