About Us
BodyGlaze Research Corporation, a company headquartered in California, USA embarks with over 22 years of rich experience, is in researching, developing and operating wellness Spas around the world. Our team has been instrumental in setting up many world renowed spas of premium customers such as five star hotels, resorts and corporate houses.
BodyGlaze have spent enormous amount of time and effort to research and develop its “BG World Menu”, a balanced Spa services program and methods, which would address the needs of clients of diverse locations and cultures.
A range of VELCHI Spa products scientifically developed by BodyGlaze Research team are authentic and service specific for deriving ultimate result and satisfaction.
BodyGlaze Spa Services
The wisdom of ancient days is slowly but firmly bouncing back and science is simply accepting it. Wellbeing of a human is never complete until you stimulate the soul, and to it the body is only a carrier! BodyGlaze, the Spa specialist from California (USA), the land renowned for its mineral springs spas, understand this fact very well and have mastered the ancient art of creating a fine balance of synchronization of your physical well being and lasting freshness of your mind making your life worth living full.
Different species, different situations and different demands, meeting all of them at most delicate and subtle manner is our passion. Synergizing your health and beauty is our mission.
At BodyGlaze, we make you live up to your soul.
BodyGlaze….as a Spa Franchising Company
BodyGlaze is expanding its reach to new markets worldwide through its Franchising program based on “One Spa for the Whole World” principle. BodyGlaze  offers a franchising business opportunity for individuals and business corporates around the world who would like to own a professional Spa (or Spas) at their location.
BodyGlaze….as a Spa Management Company
In the era of A to Z outsourcing, Spa operation outsourcing has become a norm for many Spa owners of repute worldwide. Many owners including five star hotels are taking this route for want of domain expertise, quality and consistency thus provides for better economics and efficiency. BodyGlaze offers a “One Stop Shop” solutions to these Spa centers including its BG World Menu based services.
BodyGlaze….as a Spa Training Company
Many years of knowledge and expertise in the Spa domain makes BodyGlaze the best destination for training in the Spa services. All types of training from hospitality through to services are imparted at BG Spa Training Institute.
BodyGlaze….as a Spa Product Company
BodyGlaze experience in Spa services domain and the need to excel in service offering resulted in developing our VELCHI brand of Spa products. VELCHI products are considered to be the most authentic product for the Spa services worldwide.
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